The pugilistic event of the summer billed in Las Vegas as the mega-match of the young century in which Conor McGregor taunted Floyd Mayweather mercilessly at every chance during the buildup he found any and every opportunity to taunt and bully Mayweather.

The Big Hype Is Over, the Big Fight Is Too

Perhaps McGregor should have saved more energy for this fight. Which pitted the MMA style McGregor against the boxing style purist Mayweather. The high spirited antics were a precursor to Connors early performance, sending flurry after flurry at Mayweather early on, impressing the judges. The actual affect the speedy punches produced was the beginning of the loss of wind for McGregor though he led the first three rounds as Mayweather never seemed to be stunned by any of the incoming splats.

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Mayweather on the other hand was the patient cat, stalking and moving easily with precision and ducking and slipping punches. McGregor's speedy flurry of fists is a beautiful sight but when the blows don't land squarely or glance off they only released their energy harmlessly at the long end of his arm having struck nothing and having done no damage.

it wasn't a 'rope a dope' performance but rather Floyd Mayweather gave him room, let the fidget-spinning McGregor spin himself out until he veritably fell over after a final encouraging series of rights from winner and still Champion Floyd Mayweather sporting a professional record now of 50 wins and no losses.

Third man in the ring Byrd lept in to separate the fighters in round ten after Mayweather put the coups de gras to Conor with a final furious flurry of punches, the ref stepped between while McGregor still had his legs but hanging against the ropes perhaps not fully knowing what day it was.

While it was out of the realm of McGregors normal experience in a ring and his first actual boxing match, it seems he will have a future competing under the Marquis De Queens bury Rules, and tonight was a great place to start his career in boxing. Especially when you consider his payday for his first ever bout and that everyone walked away smiling.