Tired and stressed out as soon as you arrive at work? Finding it hard to focus and stay engaged with your daily office duties and tasks? Drop a little acid in your morning coffee, you can take a trip and never leave your desk.

More and more professionals are learning taking tiny amounts of LSD or 'micro-dosing' helps improve their focus and performance on the job.

Long gone is the stigma of 1960s LSD guru Dr. Timothy Leary of the '...tune in, turn on and drop out' overuse and abuse generation.

Getty Images - Dr Timothy Leary

Scary stories of the hallucinogen are filled with instances of fatal trips where users leaped out of windows believing they could fly, standing on a railroad track feeling powerful enough to stop a locomotive and hideous examples of self-mutilation are all part of LSD bad trip lore. On the other side of the coin, users have reported enhanced sensory ability, pleasant experiences, euphoria. There was an old joke about being able to see sound and hear colors.

Psychologists long theorized the user's own personality would affect the tone of the experience.

It's well known indigenous Americans used peyote and other naturally occurring hallucinogens in various rituals and mind-altering customs, as does present-day Hollywood but that's another post.

The Key is Just Taking a Tiny Tiny Bit

Recent studies have shown enormous potential for the mind-melting drug with the frightening reputation in helping treat mental disorders like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder and other addictions.

And as research has progressed, it's been discovered that taking about 1/10th of the recreational dosage (10-20 micrograms) or 1-2 micrograms which isn't enough to cause hallucinations but does heighten alertness, energy, and creativity. All the good aspects of the concoction without the risk of the horrors of a bad trip.

And, according to the story appearing in The Daily Star, this has been going on in places like silicon valley for some two decades.

One writer named 'Rob' claims micro-dosing allows him to focus purely on his art and the various angles he may approach a story with. The bad news is he has to acquire his dosages from the dark-web and he worries his money is also going to finance those with evil purposes in mind, such as terrorism and other crimes, (like selling drugs over the computer?). And he know's he's buying a formula not produced and tested in high tech labs but more likely whipped up in back-alley makeshift kitchens with unstable gradients of power.

Athletes are picking up cues from the office world. Writing in the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, James Oroc wrote that "LSD can increase your reflex time to lightning speed, improve your balance, increase your concentration and make you impervious to weakness or pain..." Again, in tiny micro-doses.

So I'm sure along with many others sometimes the morning coffee loaded with the drug caffeine isn't stimulating enough, especially on a Monday morning and could use a little something more than an extra shot of espresso maybe this would do the trick. And my occasional need for hearing assistance would also be alleviated as I'd be able to see the Closed-Captions above your head in real-time as you spoke the words.

Where is this 'dark web' and can Chrome find it?