It's called Aquagenic Urticaria. AU is a rare condition in which hives develop rapidly once skin comes into contact with water regardless of the temperature of the water. Mainly affecting women, symptoms onset around puberty with itching.

Because it is so rare, the cause is not understood and treatment options are limited.

Our bodies are mainly composed of water, so the condition is a complete mystery but can you imagine your life; washing your hands, going to the beach, basic hygiene, and trying to stay hydrated? Imagine actually going out of your way to avoid water.

Now imagine you're a toddler with the condition, and worse yet you're in Minnesota, the Land of Lakes.

No Cure

Like most 18-month-old babies, Miss Ivy Angerman loves to play and is a happy toddler, except at bathtime. In the past several months during baths, the child would cry and complain about the burning itchy welts breaking out all over her tiny body. Doctors believe she is the youngest person ever to be diagnosed, there is no known cure.

Getty Images - Generic Baby Photo, Not the affected MN child

Little Ivy's parents know her life will be full of challenges, starting with whether or not she can attend day-care, or even simply get a drink of water from a fountain.

Current treatment is to diminish the symptoms, anti-histamines like Benadryl help relieve some of the severity and intensity of the rashes which form in 15 seconds or less after the child has touched the water.