Moreauville officials passed a ban on Pit Bull type dogs and Rottweilers, community members have until December 1st, 2014 to make other arrangements for their dogs or else the city is threatening to remove people's dogs and have them killed.

This, honestly, makes me sick to my stomach. The fact that anyone would vote to pass a law that takes away, and kills, peoples dogs because of the way they look is absolutely horrifying!

Officials claim that they passed the ban at the request of several residents. These residents approached the council saying that they were unable to walk in certain neighborhoods because “these dogs were basically running along town.” Alderman Penn Lemoine said the ordinance was enacted to “appease” these residents.


Officials say that there have been attacks but none have been documented.  This begs the question, what sort of animal control is in place, or was in place, before the ban?  Was it being enforced?  At the very least, it is clear that any laws that were in place were not being enforced.  We are attempting to get a copy of any pertinent legislation for review, but at this time, it is unclear if there are any laws on the books, or if there is an animal control agent tasked with enforcement.


It's absolutely heart breaking to hear about the families that will be losing their dogs. O'Hara Owens spoke with KALB about her "therapy dog", Zeus, who is being threatened to be "disposed of"  on December 1st.

-- EgoTastic 

Moreauville Officials are claiming that if there is enough of an outcry, they might revisit the issue on December 8th. December 8th is TOO LATE!! The deadline for these dogs is December 1st, an entire week before the issue "might be" revisited. has more information on this ban and ways that you can help!

Fosters are being lined up so that the targeted dogs can have a safe place to go, if needed, while this issue is resolved.  If you are local and outside the city limits of Moreauville, and can foster, please send a message to

One family affected by the ban has set up a Facebook page that can be followed.