A devastating house fire destroyed everything local residents, Kimberly Thomas, and her daughter Brittney Neslon had.  Even worse, that same fire took the lives of two beloved family dogs as well.  This is not the way Kim and Brittney thought they'd start the New Year, but here they are.  Their house burned to the ground, and unfortunately there was absolutely nothing left for them to salvage.  No clothes, shoes, pictures...nothing.

On that same note, both Kimberly and Brittany are extremely grateful that they have their lives. They know that it was nothing but God's grace that allowed them to walk out of this tragedy alive.  Thankfully they also have family and friends offering love and support, but Kim and Brittney are basically homeless.  It's going to take a good amount of money to help them to get permanent housing, furniture, beds and the basic necessities to maintain everyday living.  Because of this, they need a little bit more than friends and family can provide.  So they turned to gofundme to try and raise the money they need to get back on their feet.

Below is Kim's story in her own words, along with photos of the precious animals they lost in the fire.  If there is anything you can do or donate I'm sure they would appreciate it.  I know them personally and they are beautiful, hard working people.  I plan on making a donation, and I am asking that you do the same. Here is their gofundme link. Together lets help them put their lives back together.

Kim & Brit

Kim & Brit Rebuild Their Lives:

I am Kimberly Thomas, My daughter Brittney Nelson woke up @ 4am to our home engulfed in flames on January 10, 2017. Our address was 1605 15th Street in Lake Charles,La. I say our address "was" because we were left with nothing. Brittney (my daughter) was fortunate enough to wake up & make it out. However our two dogs Rocko & Diesel did not, they died in the fire. Along with the loss of our animals, We have loss EVERYTHING. Falling on hardships we did not have insurance. So we are asking our friends, family & community to help us rebuild our lives. Anything will help & will be greatly appreciated. Not only do we need help rebuilding our lives, we are looking at just the beginning... Clean up efforts, tearing the ruins down alone will cost thousands to begin with, And we simply do not have it. God spared & blessed us to get Brittney out unharmed.Please share Our Story in hopes & efforts that God will provide the right people and tools to help us through these tough times.


Thank You, I Am Sincere, Kimberly Thomas