If I had to pick my all-time favorite food, it would have to be buffalo wings. My first ever time eating buffalo wings was many years ago at a place called Hooters. Maybe you've heard of it. Ever since the first time I ate them, my love for buffalo wings has been well known by my friends, family, and now those who choose to read this.

Anytime I go out to eat somewhere, no matter where it is, I have to try the wings if it's my first time trying them from that particular restaurant. Every place I have gone has different tastes and quality in their buffalo wings. There's even been some places where I told myself I would never eat their wings again. I have eaten wings at a handful of places here in the lake area and have finally narrowed it down to my top five places for wings. Here they are:


5. Chili's 

I have eaten their wings many times. Not so much as of late because I have discovered a few better places for wings out there that I will get to shortly, but Chili's has some good quality wings with a very nice flavor.


4. Wing Stop

Here's a place I did not discover until I moved to Lake Charles. What I like about their wings is that they always taste fresh. They also have a good variety of flavors but I usually go with the typical buffalo flavor and sometimes Louisiana rub. Fresh tasting wings with a variety of good flavors. A big plus is that they're open late as well.


3. Buffalo Wild Wings

Arguably the most well known wing place in the country, Buffalo Wild Wings comes in third on my list. They too also have a wide variety of flavors, and the atmosphere is just as wonderful as the wings are. I once even attempted to eat their hottest wings on the menu known as the "blazin" wings. They were actually very tasty for about three seconds, until the heat finally kicked in. Safe to say I won't try that again, as I managed to finish one entire wing before having enough of the heat.


2. Quaker Steak and Lube

I only discovered this place in the last two years. There are only two in the entire state of Louisiana. They're mainly found in the northeast region of the country. Their sign outside says "Best Wings USA." I'd say they're pretty close to that, and their wings could compete with anybody's. Excellent tasting wings over at Quaker Steak and Lube. They also have many flavors, as well. Just as much if not more than Buffalo Wild Wings.


1. Jack Daniels

They may not be famous for their wings, but they should be. I have eaten at this place only a handful of times. The first time was for my 21st birthday, when my cousin Jonathon Brinkman took me there. He took me there because he figured I would like how the waitresses dressed at the time, which was somewhat similar to a Hooters. Since it was my first time eating there, I had to try the wings. I immediately became addicted. The flavor was nearly perfect, and the wings had a lot of meat on them. They were hands-down the best wings I have eaten in the lake area.