We've all been on road trips where at some point the people in the car get hungry and sometimes, especially late at night we may go a little substandard on what we eat out of a gas station.  Been there, done that got a closet full of the t-shirts.

However... even at a Buccees I limit my intake to pre-packaged foods that are most likely safe from microbial issues.  I'm real weird about what and where I'll eat but that's another post.

Press Herald via Getty Images

In the San Francisco area an unfortunate road-lizard wasn't as picky and not lucky at all after stopping at an 'independent' looking gas station and consuming some nachos.

See the story here and see the gas station is no Buccees by a long-shot.  The poor man succumbed to the nachos, potentially contaminated by botulism and left behind a little boy and two daughters.

If you've ever traveled with a woman, or you are a woman - remember you have to pick gas station foods as carefully as you pick gas station bathrooms.