"Neither Snow nor Rain nor Heat nor Gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds"

The United States Post Office official motto, as carved in stone above the edifice of the downtown Manhattan Central Post Office (James Farley Post Office), and in other places around the country serve as a reminder that in a free society, getting messages and information to one another is of utmost importance and can't be stopped by anything.

As long as you're wearing clothes that is. Snow and rain and heat and gloom may not slow down the mailman, but drop your drawers and walk around your property in the sunshine and you may never find out if you 'may have already won'.

Getty Images - With No Pockets Where Do You Put Your Hands?

Now comes a nudist colony in Florida (where else?) that is picking a fight with the USPS over a carrier that the colony claims refuse to deliver their mail. The female carrier says she refuses to enter the facility because she's offended by their 'naked lifestyle'.

Understand, this colony isn't in an apartment complex or other facilities with a central postal distribution system i.e., PO Boxes. This nudist colony is an RV park, and to deliver mail would require the carrier to enter the complex and deliver individual mail to each RV site.

All the while being exposed to not only the elements of rain, heat, snow and so on, but bouncing breasts and jiggling derrières and that's where the carrier draws the line and puts the motto aside.

Hey, I'll deliver the mail in the sun and rain and snow, but not to braless underpantless people!

The naked contingent spokesman Eileen Hudak said she's offended that "she does not do her job because if she can't do this job, she shouldn't be having this job".

According to the post office, the worker has every right to refuse to go in and they won't force her. That would open a huge can of worms in the modern workplace rules arena and expose the PO to lawsuits from the carrier.

What's the answer? Hey, while some nudity is fun, some of it can't be 'unseen' and remains burned into the memory glands forever stored away to pop into your mind's eye at the worst possible moments. Seen and re-seen again and again. Perhaps the carrier is offended because many of these people are old and out of shape.

Perhaps the colony has a point, the carrier is getting paid to deliver mail to the address on the cover, period. Would she not deliver to a gasoline station because she's offended by fossil fuels? Where do we draw the line?

Here are two easy solutions: send another carrier, perhaps with blinders on. Or the colony could pool its resources and purchase a rack of post office boxes and locate them in a central area where the mail could be dropped off and retrieved later at their leisure by the zero habiliment crowd.