Nationwide consumer confidence is up, unemployment is down and a recent report indicated for the first time in many years there are more jobs to fill than there are applicants. If you're out of work and looking, or working and looking to move up to a job you consider better, with the situation as it is, employers have their choice of top applicants so you'd better be sharp in your interview or you may never hear from that recruiter/interviewer again.

So to gain an edge on the competition (others wanting the same position you want) here are three things you should never do during interview time.

1. Whenever you're interviewing, whether fresh out of college/high school or looking to change jobs, practice for your interview because you never want to get caught using filler words. All those 'um's' and 'ahh's' should be eliminated while practicing for your interview in front of a mirror or the kitchen table with a friend. Job interview questions you're likely to encounter are all over the internet, start with these from Monster and come up with 50 more on your own. Practice your responses to the questions and you won't be stumbling and fumbling with uh's and ahhs and periods of deadly silence.

2. No profanity or slanguage. You're not amongst your friends (yet) and in spite of what you see and hear in movies and television the 'F Bomb' is never appropriate in a job interview. Drop the damns and hells too. Speak English as well as you can without seeming too stiff or reserved,

3. Somewhere toward the end of the interview, and perhaps throughout the interview they'll ask you: do you have any questions about the position or the company? Always, always, always have questions about the position and the company itself. If you've done your homework, and here again is an article on questions you can ask to get your thinking cap in gear. You can use your questions to point out your own strengths as well as demonstrate your interest in the company and its future success.

And relax, practice interviewing in front of a mirror, out loud. Use your smart device to record yourself and listen back to it (nearly everyone hates the sound of their own voice) and use those to strengthen your sound and confidence. Practice interviews with a trusted person, and whether you get the job or not, consider the interview itself a learning opportunity.

There's a lot of jobs out there nowadays, go on out there and take the world by storm!