It's called lorcaserin, and a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine says it may be the weight loss miracle millions of middle-aged people have hoped for. In clinical studies, adults lost an average of nearly 9 lbs over 40 months.

Anyone that has ever lost weight knows that half the battle is keeping it off.

Lorcaserin works by suppressing the appetite without causing issues with the heart as other weight loss pills in the past have done such as the so-called fen-fen diet pills of the 90s.

The primary study followed 12,000 people over a 40 month period in the United States. According to Dr. Erin Bohula, one of the authors of the study, people on lorcaserin were three times more likely to have lost 5-10% of their body weight than those in the test on placebos.

Although the drug looks promising and will no doubt be a boon to those who have already adopted a healthy lifestyle, researchers in the study place a heavy emphasis on the importance of long-term lifestyle changes for effective weight loss.

Stretching and exercise of some type, drinking plenty of water and eating better foods including more vegetables are keys to health.

Speaking of better vegetables, rumor has it a meat market in SWLA is now serving cauliflower boudin, I've been on a keto lifestyle since January and have yet to be able to choke down any cauliflower. Maybe the boudin will be a breakthrough for me.

For more information about lorcaserin, which is available now in the US, click here. The pill is taken twice a day at a cost of about $220 per month. But think of the money you'll save on french fries.