Chances are rising we'll be paying a closer amount of attention to these two areas of disturbed weather over the next few days. One on the Venezuelan coastline and the other a few hundred miles off the west coast of Africa.  It's still early in the game and there's no need to rush-raid the stores for bottled water, batteries and toilet paper just yet. Besides, where's all your stuff you stocked up for Emily?

(Graphics: National Hurricane Center, Miami, Fl)

At 1:00 CDT Fri 8.4.17 The National Hurricane Center at Miami, Florida Issued a Tropical Weather Outlook - below is a summary. The full report is here

Disturbance 2 (Orange X on the NOAA map) is a strong tropical wave over the eastern Caribbean sea and is kicking up a significant area of cloudiness and thunderstorms. Prevailing conditions in the atmosphere will be conducive for development by Sunday. The system presently is drifting west-northwestward at 15-20 mph. Over the next five days the chance of a more organized formation is set by NOAA at 50% or 'medium'.

Disturbance 1 (Red X) is a 'large and complex' area of disturbed weather associated with a broad low pressure system. Again still very early in the game to say how this system could move. The National Hurricane Center says the chances of this system gradually consolidating around the low pressure, and form a tropical depression over the next five days are at 80% or 'high'.  The system will move at 10-15 mph toward the west or west-northwest for the next few days.

In case you're wondering the next two names up for hurricanes are Franklin and Gert, followed by Harvey, Irma and Jose'.

We'll keep an eye on this over the weekend so just check back at