My first thought on discovering this was to put a bag of Lays on an internet auction site and see if I could bank some bucks selling potato chips to people in Japan.  Due to a bad potato crop there is a shortage of chips in Japan.  Imagine going into Market Basket and paying about $12 for a regular bag of Ruffles.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

The issue at hand is a record number of typhoons (hurricanes) hit the northern islands of Hokkaido the main area where Japans biggest chip company Calbee grows most of their potatoes.  BTW Calbee is 20% owned by PepsiCo Inc., and Calbee has a 73% market share so when they start pulling their product off store shelves Japanese that want that salty crunch go into meltdown jonesing for chips.

In the short term this could be good news for potato farmers in the US as the Tokyo based Calbee will have to import more US potatoes to try to meet demand.  Which could cause potato prices in the US to rise some, also raising the price of a bag of my kettle fried crunchy chips that I crave.

See how the global economy works?