Kids and teachers have looked forward to this part of the year since the beginning of school last August and now it's here, the end of school.

On the other hand parents are now faced with having the kids around the house all day and once the excitement of not actually going to school sets in some youngster in some household is going to issue forth the words that parents dread: I'm Bored and there's nothing to do.

And the Go clean your room, read a book, pull some weeds, mow the yard, go ride your bike suggestions fall as flat today as when my mom suggested them to me.

Over the next few days in this space we'll look at several local hometown options to get out of the house and beat back boredom this summer.

Gator Chateau Now Open

Right along I10 at Jennings, 100 Rue de L'Acadie (the I10 Oil and Gas Park) to be precise is the freshly opened Gator Chateau. Almost all of us have at one or another time encountered a gator in the wild or seen them hunted and caught on television, here's a chance to get to know them up close and personally.

The Chateau is open Monday-Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM and there is no admission charge, though donations are cheerfully accepted.

Make a Reservation for a Field Trip or Group Tour

If you happen to be in charge of a group, the Gator Chateau can make special arrangements so your whole group can come out and have fun.

To learn more or schedule a trip call them at 337-821-5521 or visit their website here.

Otherwise pack a picnic basket, it is a park after all, stop in and visit the gators and make a memory or two.