Congratulations parents that have lived through another full school year of late Sunday night notices of a huge project due Monday morning, field-trips with cold lunches, and attendance at various school functions, plays, concerts, games and so on. But now the kids are home for summer. What's needed now is something to ward off boredom and the summer doldrums. Or, are those one and the same?

The Creole Nature Trail

While the CNT isn't a destination per se', it's more of an attraction that delivers a lot of it's fun during the journey.

The Trail features 26 miles of Gulf beaches along the 180 total-mile trail, plus over 400 species of birds can be seen. As well alligators can be spotted along with a varied line-up of local flora and fauna.

One of Only 43 in the USA

The Creole Nature Trail All-American Road (the full and proper name) is one of only 43 designated scenic byways in the United States. It stands uniquely in the company of trails such as the Alaska Marine Highway, The Amish Country Byway, The Billy the Kid Trail and others.

The Trail is also a good way to expose out-of-town guests to the wonder of SW Louisiana's native wildlife and scenery. Plus, there are a variety of restaurants and small 'homey' businesses along the way so visitors of all ages from all areas will get a good healthy dose of what the SWLA lifestyle offers.

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