This week let's visit the DeQuincy Railroad Museum, a free admission day of fun, history and actual exhibits you can walk on and through, touch and sit on.

First an extremely short overview of thermal dynamics related to boiling water. Steam expands at a rate of about 600 times its own volume. Meaning that a pound of water can be caused to exert about 600 lbs of force. In a controlled atmosphere such as steam cylinders pushing a piston back and forth, the force will turn steel driving wheels up to six feet in diameter. The pressure is enough to move people, mountains and build a nation.

This simple physical concept is the most amazing thing to consider; that simply boiling water as we do almost daily at home, can produce so much power.

DeQuincy was always a railroad town and the museum is housed in the 1923 Kansas City Southern (KCS) Depot.

The building itself is a qualifying historical artifact and prime representative of the Mission Revival style of architecture in the south. Now the building houses the museum and is filled with railroad artifacts including model trains (that's my beat) as well as examples of tools and other items used in railroading in years past.

Google Maps - DeQuincy RR Museum

The museum is easy to get to and find at the junctions of highways twelve and twenty-seven a little northeast of Lake Charles. Travel time from the Lake Charles metro is less than an hour.

Check their website before you go here, the hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am until 5 pm and again admission is free.