If you've ever wondered why it is called 'Facebook' now we know - because now Facebook wants your face. The social media mega-giant says if you let them use your face you'll get special access to new tools to help protect your privacy.

Let us have your face so we can protect you. What will they want next a DNA sample to protect us?

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

If you do let them scan and use your face and the company thinks most people will, there are advantages. You'll get a notification if someone else posts a photo of you (don't we already?) And in a move squarely to prevent fake profiles, catfishing and revenge porn you'll be notified if your face is ever on someone else's profile. That might not be a bad idea. And for the visually impaired, FB'ers will now be able to hear who is posted in photos with them.

Some of this is good, but they should be able to figure out a less intrusive way to prevent fake profiles and so on. A 'reader' tool should be made to let the visually impaired know who is posted with them in a photo by reading the names aloud of at least the tagged photo posters.

Eh... sorry Facebook, you can't have my Face or when the time comes, my DNA either.

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