He's seventy years old, he's a convicted armed robber and kidnapper, and as early as Monday October 2nd, the Heisman Trophy winner many consider to also be a double murderer might walk out of the Nevada Department of Corrections prison, headed for a friend's home in Naples, Florida.

"I'm not a bad guy," OJ whined to a nationally televised parole board hearing last summer.

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After spending the past nine years as a guest of the Nevada penal system, OJ Simpson might be unlocked and sent into the general American population Monday, according to Department of Corrections spokesman Brooke Keast. Accordingly, there's a lot of paperwork to still be completed, but there's a strong chance that he'll live among us again.

OJ was found guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping in a foiled plot to retrieve some of his sports memorabilia from a Las Vegas hotel room in 2008. After a California criminal jury found him innocent in the double murders of his one time wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman in the early '90s, a civil jury later found him responsible for the deaths in a civil suit brought by Goldman's still-grieving family. Many felt he'd escaped justice prior to the robbery escapade.

Personally, I find him guilty of launching the clueless Kardashian family into the American Culture.