Nevada prison inmate No. 1027820, a model prisoner who has reached the nine-year minimum of his 33 year sentence for armed robbery and assault with a weapon.  He has behaved himself in prison and no one at his Thursday (7.20) hearing is expected to oppose his release.

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His appearance Thursday will be via video conferencing, and to many viewers (the hearing is supposed to be broadcast nationwide) OJ will appear quite different than the last time you saw him on tv.  He has gained a lot of weight.

OJ is so fat now his cellmate only likes him as a friend.

Among other things the commission will consider is: his age, whether he was convicted of a violent crime (yes), had a prior criminal history (no) and whether he has substantial plans after release (go after the 'real-killers').

Citing his age and good behavior in jail, experts say OJ Simpson has a good chance of walking the streets a free man again.