Shortly after midnight in Nevada yesterday, OJ Simpson was quietly released from the Nevada Department of Corrections on parole for his 2007 conviction in armed robbery and kidnapping. While a few friends were waiting for him outside, so was the attorney representing the father of Ron Goldman.

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According to attorney David Cook, the one-time $33.5 million Simpson was ordered to pay the Goldman family in the wrongful death suit, has mushroomed to nearly $70 million when interest is added in.

While Simpson was acquitted by a California jury in 1995 in the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, a civil jury determined a preponderance of evidence, and held the former NFL star accountable in the deaths. However, Malcolm LaVergne, one of Simpson's attorneys, has stated that, as a retiree, Simpson will not have access to that kind of money for the Goldmans to collect.

Simpson took classes while serving nine years in Nevada, and was released on good behavior.