OJ Simpson the soon-to-be-paroled from Nevada convicted armed robber has discovered yet a new way to put the still grieving Ron Goldman Family through a little bit more of hell on earth.

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Simpson's attorney Malcolm P. LaVergne has sent the family of Ron Goldman a 'cease and desist' demand alleging 76 year-old Fred Goldman poses a danger to the former running backs life. According to LaVergne in an interview on Fox News, Simpson has even had to be moved from his regular cell and prison routine to an area where he's 'more protected' because of Fred Goldman.

Goldman is claimed by LaVergne to have said that he (Goldman) wished that one of the other prisoners would 'knock OJ in the head".  As well OJ's lawyer intimated Goldman could have OJ assassinated if he really wanted to, but wouldn't go that far. The footballer's attorney also went to Twitter as well jabbing at Kim Goldman claiming she had a third party call his office threatening to 'ruin' his reputation.

One would think the ego of OJ and his inner circle would have enough empathy to simply graciously and quietly await his release without picking at the still emotionally raw scabs of the Goldman's.

The Goldman's PR representatives denied threatening anyone (here in the Daily Mail), in a statement the firm said of Simpson and his attorney: "I cannot imagine why Simpson's attorney purported such outrageous comments against Fred Goldman, but LaVergne sank to a new low in publicly lashing out against someone who has already suffered so greatly."

Sadly this American train wreck of the celebrity gladiator that fell from grace will continue to grind disturbingly down the tracks splaying sparks along the tender countryside of our collective consciousness for the foreseeable future.

And I don't discount the idea that pointless drivel like this 'cease and desist' demand isn't simply some kind of sick pre-promotion attempt for a potentially in the works OJ reality tv series, imposed unwanted at the expense of not only the Goldman's but all of us with better sensibilities.

Here's a plot idea - OJ and Caitlyn Jenner marry and get drunk in the living room everyday and bicker about sporting events on tv, live on tv.  With guests of course, such as Rachel Dolezal, Madonna and Woody Harrelson to name a few examples.