At a golf course over the weekend Sean Payton fell victim to a nasty prank pulled by his golfing partners when they left a rubber snake in his path to get to his bag.  To say the least Payton did a standing high-jump and let out a panicked shriek.

This morning in a press conference Payton signaled that New England corner Malcolm Butler would not be a Saint if the team had to give up their no. 11 pick.  According to NE owner Robert Kraft they would not be trading Butler - unless Bellichick changes his mind.

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Another Saints rumor Johnny Manziel noted on his social media pages that he's "revitalized" and looking forward to "exciting times" in the near future.  Indicating his intentions of mounting a comeback.  For some reason Johnny Football, who was ignored by every team in 2016 after being fully released by the Browns, has been linked to the Saints.

I will say, a cleaned up, revitalized, settled-down Manziel could raise the rafters in the Superdome if given a chance.