What's the difference between boogers and broccoli? Kids don't eat broccoli.

Why did the booger cross the road? Because he was being picked on.

Best to get a couple of booger jokes out of the way before getting to the science of the matter, in Britain scientists announced a provable manual link between nose-picking and upping your chances of catching pneumonia. Pneumococcus, the pneumonia bacteria is known to spread through airborne droplets, usually from sneezes and coughs from infected people around you. (like in the doctors office when you finally go)

The thinking is that you are likely to inhale some of the bacterium, so there it is inside your nostrils, on the very surface of the inside of your nose. Then you get to thinking you're not getting enough air through your nose and up comes the forefinger. While your fingertip expertly roots around your right or left cavern, it's not only searching for those semi-solid chunks of multi-colored goo, it's stirring up pneumonia bacterium and/or pressing them deeper into your olfactory tissues.

Where do Boogers Come From?

There's no small mystery to what a booger is. Your mucous lined nose acts as an air filter (that's also what the hairs in there are for) because there's always been all kinds of crap in the air to inhale. Mostly dust and dirt particles that we wouldn't want in our lungs, get trapped in the mucous. As passing particles glom onto one another, over a little while the mess becomes bigger and more solid and dries out some, eventually beginning to restrict our airway.

Etiquette says we're supposed to blow our noses quietly into a kerchief. But some of us guys know there are those stubborn boogers that just have to have manual assist to be removed. Just remember everyone, boogers contain no nutritional value.

Take the Usual Precautions

With flu and pneumonia season arriving on the heels of hurricane season, remember the usual precautions for staying healthy. Stay away from sick people, wash your hands regularly, sneeze into the crook of your arm and not into your hands if you can help it, if you do, wash your hands immediately.

If you'd like to read more about the big British booger study click here.