Often when a Pit Bull dog makes headlines, its teeth are involved. Sadly most of the time we hear of these animals suddenly breaking out of their normal well-behaved character and attacking an innocent owner, bystander, child or other animals with disastrous results, and afterward a social media argument springs up about the safety and trustworthiness of the dogs.

But here's a story out of Piedras Negras, Coah, down in Mexico of a pit bull that helped police capture a burglar or at least parts of him.

A few nights ago down ol' Mexico way a 28-year-old man attempted to break into a home to burgle it, the homeowner's alarm system summoned local police who responded and chased the fleeing burglar house to house in the dark through neighborhoods and backyards.

The burglar then made his worst mistake of the night yet, he leaped over a fence into a backyard being patrolled by Julio the Pit Bull. Shaken awake and alarmed by the intruder, Julio sprang into action protecting his owner's domain attacking the interloper.

By the time police caught up, and Julio's owner had pulled him off the burglar, the burglar was a little worse for wear including being sans genitals. Yes, one of Julio's bites cut clean through the mans formerly operational package, which by the way were not recovered at the scene. Julio's movements about the yard will have to be monitored for a few days, for his own health and well being.

The suspect was transferred to an emergency room where he remains hospitalized, no further details were immediately available. This story first appeared here.

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