Here we are most of us still nursing sunburns from the weekends thrilling hot air balloon festival and, the Lake Charles/SWLA Convention and Visitors Bureau steps up again and makes a huge announcement regarding a top level motor racing event that is coming to Lake Charles next month.

Today the CEO of Pro Watercross, AJ Handler, thanked Eric Zartler and his team at the CVB on a new three-year deal that will see the National Championship in Lake Charles through 2021. Due to unforeseen circumstances in College Station, the deal takes effect immediately with this years event on August 10-11.

Pro Watercross Aug 10-11 Lake Charles  Photo:

The north shore of the lake will host the event which so many in SWLA and Southeast Texans can relate to. There are thousands of privately owned personal watercraft in the area and so many can identify with the thrill of cresting a wake and grabbing some air.

Pro Watercross simply takes that little Calcasieu River joy and amplifies it about a thousand times to its extremes. Maybe I can pick up a few pro tips and at least learn to look cooler screaming during my own awkward water-launched air-borne tumbles.

The competitors, all skilled athletes, come from across the country to showcase their skills on some of most finely tuned high-powered machines in the world. At some points it's head to head at speeds up to 85 mph. It was also added that the athletes are looking forward to our local hospitality, culture, food and music. We're only too glad to welcome them. Anyone that's ever had experience on the water knows that 85 miles per hour on water is daaang scary fast.

The schedule for now is for practice to begin on Saturday (10 Aug) at 9:15 with the Pro Show starting at 11 am. The Sunday schedule and further details and even registration for potential competitors is at the organizations website here.

To snag the deal, Zartler's team had to move quickly once problems developed with the venue in Texas. Watercross CEO Handler expressed his appreciation for the bureaus effort to make this happen quickly in just a matter of weeks.

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