Over the years I've dabbled in a lot of do-it-yourself projects, way back even before the days of Home Depot, Lowes, and instructional youtube videos, et.al., I'd just about dig into anything.  But I always drew the line at medical procedures - except the time I pulled a tooth with a pair of channel locks but we'll save that for another post.

This could have been predicted though, as soon as Colorado ok'd the use of marijuana I just knew that sooner or later someone was going to try real 'poor-boy' surgery on the dining room table and here we are.

Would You Let This Man Cut Off Your Testicles?  James Pennington, 57

(Photo: Denver Police Department mugshot)

This week a man named James Pennington, 57 of Denver removed the testicles of a transgender woman, or man... this un-named individual wanted his testicles removed and Pennington was more than glad to help with only an Army First Aid kit containing a scalpel, lidocaine (a topical anesthetic - a nurse may have rubbed some on your arm before a shot), medical dressings and suturing equipment.

How does this come up in conversation to begin with?  "Hey James, what are you doing Tuesday night?"

The whole nutty story is here, and only a free-flow hemorrhaging of blood a few days afterward and a trip by the 'victim' and his wife to an emergency room brought this situation to the attention of the local police who have arrested Mr. Pennington.

Back to the lidocaine, it's really a weak topical anesthetic in cream form used to numb a specific and small area of usually the epidermis (skin) so the dentist can shoot the real stuff into your gums, or it's also used a lot in pediatrics to give kids shots.

That's why I think other 'things' were used prior to this procedure. Things that are widely available just down the street and around the corner in Denver.

According to police Pennington is not a licensed medical professional in Colorado.  He is a licensed pilot, though it's not clear whether or not he works for United.