Nearly all families have them, usually more than one and there's always one of them with a nice backstory. One of the quilts in my family is nearly a hundred years old. Others have quilts made from articles of clothing of deceased family members or made in commemoration of a social cause or project.

One thing for sure, on a cold night nothing feels better than a nice quilt. So comfortable that when the morning alarm goes off, you hit snooze and pull that quilt a little higher over your head.

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Quiltmakers and fans will enjoy a Saturday road trip to Beaumont, Texas for the Color Your World quilt show. It's sponsored by the Golden Triangle Quilt Guild, a non-profit dedicated to the education and preservation of the art of making quilts. The Guild donates quilts to Boys Haven (each child gets to keep his quilt for life), Brooks Army Medical Center (wounded soldiers) and they make cash donations to a wide variety of other organizations such as for Autism research, the cancer society and many more.

Cost of admission is $10 or $8 for seniors and children, and will be held Friday and Saturday, April 13th and 14th at Ford Park Arena just west on I-10 from Beaumont, Texas.

Google Maps - Ford Park Arena, Beaumont, Texas Golden Triangle Quilt Show April 13th-14th, 2018