Saturday. I thought the rain would hold off until later in the afternoon but that has not been the case. I’d wanted to wash and wax the truck this morning.  I know it is the rainy season and it wouldn’t stay clean long but I like the way the rainwater beads up on fresh wax.  Same with the treatment in a yellow bottle I use for the windshield – rain beads up and rolls off so fast I can often go down the freeway and barely use the wipers.  Good stuff.  When I clean the truck in rainy times, I don’t fool with the tires much. I could use new wiper blades also, change them every summer.

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After long consideration and self-debate I’ve decided to give up overuse of apostrophes where keystrokes are not saved.  Such as ‘it’s’ which is the contraction of ‘it is’. The apostrophe replaces the second ‘i’ so four keystrokes are still required.  So from now on I will be fully typing out that possessive phrase when I use it and others of its ilk.

I have a dozen indoor projects I could be working on – in continued planning for the gigantic garage/yard/estate sale-of-a-lifetime I could be sorting through and separating stuff to keep from stuff to sell… but one of the channels is airing ‘The Godfather’ which is a must-watch anytime it is on.  Better it is followed by GII so there is great ‘background tv’ for the duration of the rainy day until the Astros game comes on at 6.

Although I’ve seen GI & II dozens and dozens of times and have the DVD and the picture pixilates and comes and goes due to cloud interference with the satellite signal, I’m still allowing the movie to delay my other indoor must-do chores. I don't consider that procrastination or sloth, but the way life can be on a rainy Saturday.

It’s hard to mow consistently with all this rain and the grass in some spots is super thick already. A good idea would be to sharpen the blades during this down time to help with the super grass when I can mow again. Another good idea is to re-organize and clean the big toolbox out in the shop, But... there is a good movie on.

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With the movie going in and out and mostly out, I could spend a few minutes finally with disc-one of my new (five years old still-in-the-box) beginner’s yoga videos and really start stretching out and getting loose. But, oh!… the movie is back on for a moment – the ‘leave the gun, take the cannoli’ part is on…no yoga today.  Besides if I were to watch a dvd today it would be ‘The Cowboys’ or ‘The War Wagon’ or something like that.  I wish we had some cookies here, but a store visit is well overdue.

The storm is really getting bad, lots of lightning and loud thunder.  I should go and check the generator in case the power goes out.