Louisiana has made it to the top end of another indignant study - this time as the second most stressed-out state in the country with Alabama in the lead and Mississippi a close third.

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The 'expert' analysts evaluated the whole country based on these factors of stress: work- related, money-related (that could be almost any state couldn't it?), family-related and health and safety related stress.

The results of the whole study are here - but to get you through the weekend I've come up with five reasons to relax if you live in SWLA.

Chill Out - 5 Reasons to Relax in SW Louisiana

1. There are a lot more crawfish where those came from and boudin season never ends

2. Beads for next year's Mardi Gras are already being manufactured

3. Budweiser has almost unlimited brewing capcacity

4. We're never more than two weeks away from the next big festival/beauty pageant

5. The Saints have almost no chance of winning the Super Bowl again in the near future, so enjoy this seasons games for sheer entertainment value

Bonus - it's Friday, weather should be great for the weekend....relax.