7:12 PM 11 Aug 18

Thank you National Weather Service for affecting everyone on the Gulf Coasts quiet peaceful Saturday evening today. Whether they be in Corpus Christi, Lake Charles, Key West or anywhere in between where a storm surge would have an effect, you got everyone's attention this evening. Here at the hacienda with the Astros on and the steaks marinating and everything vibin', you go and produce a graphic with a yellow X and a general idea for us that the X is heading due west at this time. A disturbance. That's a good name for it as it has disturbed the peace of the Saturday groove.

At this stage anything can happen with the disturbance, it can choke itself out in the Saharan dust and never see land, stumble over the Andes as some squishy unnamed tropical storm or hang in there like Harvey did a year ago to make agonizing history. It's far away and much too early to tell. It ain't even organized.

It's like watching the ball before it drops when the roulette wheel is spinning at top speed and the ball is going the other way, no one knows how it will bounce and where it will land.

Thankfully though we have lots of warning and seeing a graphic like this lets everyone know it could be nothing at all or a week from now your life will have changed forever and FEMA will be your go-to new best friend.

Save FEMA's Info Now

By the way, it's a good time of year to make sure you've got FEMA's website dialed into your browser, here it is. The phone number if you can't access the net is: 1-800-621-FEMA (1-800-621-3362)

So, now that you're imagining yourself wet, cold and tired in a cheesy hotel room someplace 200 miles north of your home which you barely escaped by climbing and clinging to your neighbors tree for four hours, now you're living on stale grocery-store brand cookies and warm bottled water with hardly any soap and trying to get cell service so you can call FEMA, calm down, stop thinking about it. It's just an early, early notice. But the last thing you want to be doing then if it happens to you is wasting battery on trying to figure out how to call them.

Not Expected to Develop

This disturbance, it's simply a weak area of low pressure halfway between the west coast of Africa and the Lesser Antilles with a minimal amount of showers. Significant development is not expected due to unfavorable environmental conditions (atmospheric dust?). Chances of formation development over the next five days are less than ten (<10%) percent according to the nations hurricane authorities.

Click here for the full write-up

National Hurricane Center - Saturday, 11 Aug 18 8PM EDT

Plus it's always a good idea to refresh ourselves on FEMA contact info online, and then head to the store for extra chips, candy and a case of bottled water.