If history seems boring to you, well you can skip over to another story now.  But if mysteries and potential influence on humans by aliens from other planets interest you - then you can continue reading a little bit.

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This is about Leonardo da Vinci - he was one of a group of several people including Michelangelo who are said to have 'reignited' the thirst for knowledge and learning in the period following the Dark Ages and are in fact some of the personalities that are credited with ending those dark years.

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According to the Internet, Leonardo is called an: artist, writer, inventor, mathematician, sculptor, architect, geologist, astronomer, botanist, cartographer and by some as an alien from another planet so revolutionary an individual was he.  Once every few hundred years the earth produces such a personality as Leonardo, in recent memory we had Nikolai Tesla and to an extent Albert Einstein that completely revolutionized the way we live and think.  But it's likely safe to say that in recorded history Leonardo was the first to be credited with being called a Renaissance Man because after he lived, we all began to see life and it's possibilities in art, writing, math and so on a little differently.

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He was so enlightened for his time, some scholars today will nearly insist that he was of or was influenced by otherworldly beings for they find it impossible to believe a simple human man, in the waning years of the dark ages could have known and invented so much in such a short period of time.

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Some Believe This Painting Hides Clues of Otherworldly Knowledge

But, items such as 'batteries' have been found in ancient desert caves so there is so much that is possible.  My point here is that if you're interested in such things you're in luck as the traveling exhibit: Da Vinci: The Exhibition will soon be in Galveston at Moody Gardens beginning May 27th through January 7, 2018.  If you or your children are the type that are interested in learning - this is something you want to attend.

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The exhibition is a 'hands on' examination of da Vinci's life, research and art and features more than 60 fully built life size displays and stunning displays of his life.  It's well worth planning an outing, and Galveston is nice and peaceful and calm in the winter months following Labor Day.

This is just the kind of thing my inquisitive children and family would have enjoyed in our salad days - for more information see the Moody Gardens Calendar.