By the time children came along in my life I was well into my 30s and the Warner Brothers entertaining cartoons of my youth were long gone and irrelevant at the turn of the century. How many times can Bugs Bunny outwit Elmer Fudd and still be funny?

And the mishmash of Pokemon and Dragonball Z just looked totally ridiculous to me when watching television with my boys, I couldn't see what they saw in it.

But then came SpongeBob Squarepants and his friends Squidward, Edward, Patrick, Mr. Krabs and the whole metro of Bikini Bottom entered our lives. The whole family watched SpongeBob, our backyard burgers were Krusty Patties and at one time my truck was equipped with SpongeBob floormats and I had the keychain (Fathers Day and birthday gifts), the keychain is still around, hanging on a toolbox out in the shop.

The man that conceived of all that, and brought it to colorful animated life and gave ordinary families worldwide a funny relevant cartoon we could laugh together at, has passed away.

According to Nickelodeon the brilliant creator of all this plus great contributions to Rocko's Modern Life, Stephen Hillenburg revealed in March 2017, he'd been stricken by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) the so-called Lou Gehrig's disease and sadly today he succumbed to it.

The 57-year-old was a marine biology teacher with a penchant for storytelling that moved into television as a writer on Rocko's. By 1999 he created SpongeBob Squarepants which became a global hit and was dubbed, or translated into 60 other languages.

Stephen Hillenburg leaves behind a wife and son and cherished hilarious memories for millions of fans. Thank you, sir and God Speed.

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