In a statement released this afternoon, (21 June 18) Roseanne Barr said: "I regret the circumstances that have caused me to be removed from Roseanne. I agreed to the settlement in order that 200 jobs of beloved cast and crew could be saved, and I wish the best for everyone involved."

Just last month the revived 1980s sitcom was the toast of ABC television and network suits openly joked onstage about Barr's sometimes controversial statements and actions. Two weeks after that jocular upfront presentation those same suits spun on a dime under politically correct pressure firing the star and removing the show overnight from its lineup for her late night tweet regarding a former White House official.

Now after weeks of back and forth negotiations and in an effort to save or create jobs for some of her fellow cast members, some of whom have struggled the past few decades with getting recognition and work in acting, as well as members of the large crew that it takes to write and produce a weekly television show, Roseanne has stepped aside for the benefit of others.

In a statement, ABC said Barr "will have no financial or creative involvement in the new series..."

The working title of the program is The Connors, which is expected to be on the networks fall 2018 schedule and will demonstrate that "families can always find common ground through conversation, laughter, and love."

The full story appeared today in an article in a trade journal.