At a certain point in adulthood, say once you get into your 30s or even 40s you start hearing of some of your friend's marriages breaking up and most of the time it's a sad occasion for at least one of the parties involved. And other times it's so amicable that one wonders why the two can't get along and keep going along.

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One of the results of modern divorce is the splitting of community property, the couple sells off virtually everything and the court divides the cash.

Once I got a good deal on a riding lawnmower because the wife simply didn't want her husband to ever enjoy it again. Heard he was selling off her Emeril cookware. Oh well.

A few years ago Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer split up, and are now getting around to the divorce part. And Crowe is selling a lot of his personal items as part of the split. So movie buffs have a chance at purchasing some of Crowe's movie gear, costumes, and other paraphernalia.

The item making the headlines is his leather jock strap, worn in Cinderella Man. The sale is being handled by Sothebys Australia.

Sothebys Australia - leather jockstrap worn by Russell Crowe in Cinderella Man

Other items Crowe is parting with from his movie career include the violin he played in Master and Commander, a life-sized prop horse used in Gladiator, and a mounted dinosaur skull he'd bought in happier days from Leo DiCaprio.

Russell Crowe fans can see other items up for sale here.