The western world refreshes itself each year with various snapshots of screaming toddlers being wrestled to sit still upon Santa's lap; the children who are too terrified to even make it up to the lap; and then there are the confident cuties who rush right up, snuggle in and break out their smartphones to read off their self-gift ideas, along with a retelling of each good deed they've done all year, just in case Santa took his eyes off them for just a second.

Remember for any toddler and even for other youngsters, the sudden appearance into their mundane day to day daycare worlds of the brightly dressed Jolly Old Elf, and the spying little skinny one moving around their homes at night while the family sleeps can be quite unnerving.

One friend's 3-year-old grandson neither likes the idea of some stranger coming into his home nor does he like the mischievous little elf playing with his dinosaur toys while he sleeps at night. Kids react in all different ways to Santa.

Children With Special Needs

As you can imagine, kids with emotional, mental or physical limitations can have an especially hard time navigating the lap of Santa, expressing themselves once seated or a plethora of other physical or emotional barriers to overcome, simply to participate in this joyful and timeless child's ritual.

Sunday morning 9 December from 10:30 - 11:30 am Special Needs Santa will appear at Prien Lake Mall, and a visit with him is FREE, but YOU MUST RSVP by calling 337-477-7487 and/or click here for more details. You can arrive as early as 10, but be sure to call to get specific instructions and to ask any questions you might think of.

The Caring Santa program provides one on one time with Santa without the usual distraction of mall traffic and noise in a subdued and welcoming environment. It's easy to reserve your space by calling 337-477-7487.

Merry Christmas.