Sometimes in the grocery store, you notice a guy smelling the bell peppers and squeezing the tomatoes, maybe 'taste-testing' a grape or two. That would be me.

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Being as old as dirt, I grew up in a time when restaurants were not chain operations but family owned almost-home-cooking affairs, and dining out was a special occasion, not a busy-modern-life daily convenience.

My grandmothers had huge vegetable gardens filled with tomatoes, corn, peppers and herb gardens with rosemary, thyme, and basil. Every home cooked meal was made with fresh from the garden herbs, spices, and vegetables.

In the early springtimes, those smells of nature mixed in the early morning back porch air with steaming hot coffee are almost heaven.

And so the love of fresh ingredients, and yes the smell and feel of freshly grown vegetables have remained with me, and that's why I'm highly considering a road trip Saturday to the Jefferson County Airport (Nederland, Texas) to the Jefferson County Master Gardeners vegetable and herb sale. It's from 9 AM to Noon.

Google Maps - Jack Brooks Regional Airport - Jefferson County Airport

The group maintains a year-round garden at the airport (known as Jack Brooks Regional Airport) all purchases are tax-free too.

With the traffic we've been having around town, a Saturday morning road trip may sound like insanity to some. But those garden fresh smells and juicy fresh tastes to others are going to be worth it.

The Master Gardeners say you should bring your own wagon to haul away your purchases.