According to the latest statistics from the Department of Justice and Watch Systems LLC, an estimated 80% of all addresses have at least one sex offender living within one mile. For eight out of ten readers of this, we have sex offenders within a mile of our own castles.

To be sure, sex offender are in all neighborhoods, rich, poor, middle-class and they're our neighbors, friends and relatives.

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso is making sure parents and guardians have real-time access to sex offenders in the area. Mancuso said in in a statement it is crucial to 'Know Before You Go' this Halloween.

To that end Mancuso has advised us to check the sheriffs website and click on the Sex Offender Watch Tab which you can do by clicking here. You'll have to agree to only use the information for your personal knowledge and safety. Then you go to a page in which you can enter a variety of search criteria. I entered the address of one of our old houses in a nice neighborhood in Moss Bluff and found three registered offenders within one mile.

You can also navigate to the Sex Offender Registry yourself from the sheriff's main page here.

Even if you're not trick or treating your own neighborhood, search addresses in neighborhoods where you plan on going and check those out as well, the sheriff advised. In addition to taking your own personal precautions, during trick or treat hours the CPSO will be monitoring offenders assuring they are adhering to restrictions and requirements.