One of the fun aspects of being in this business is very often I get to work with small businesses in terms of their marketing and advertising efforts.  People step up and open small businesses for a wide variety of reasons.  Most simply seek financial independence that owning a business can provide in some cases... others have such a deep passion and respect for their talents, they determine they want to try to make a living from it.

But starting a new business is a journey filled with booby traps, mines, ambushes and on occasion some things that are detrimental to you and totally out of your control.  It's hard. If it was easy everybody would own a business.

McNeese is stepping up to the plate during the upcoming small business week, and hosting a FREE small business summit titled: "The Factors of Business" on Saturday May 6th from 9AM until 3PM at the Allen August Multipurpose Center Annex in Lake Charles. Some topics for discussion will be: personnel, ideas, planning and networking.

The goal is to help small business owners learn what it takes to be successful.  To pre-register go to: or call McNeese at 337-475-5529

If you want to know how advertising works in the real world and get quantifiable results for your business - get in touch with me!