One of the things that were usually in the back of my mind following Rita, Ike, and Harvey in particular, was there another storm out there forming and headed our way? Of course, usually after the aforementioned storms, we'd have electricity, lights and AC courtesy of our generator. But usually the internet which comes in on cable would be out of commission due to poles being down and so there was no way to go online and check the weather. Rita and Ike were before smartphones too so no info from the phone in those days.

I mention this because we all know what the people of North and South Carolina are going through in recovering from the storm and flood waters Hurricane Florence brought last week. We know there are those still not back in their homes, in shelters, or even at their homesites but with no electricity, or internet.

So they don't know that right now a broad area of low pressure just southeast of Bermuda is producing rain showers while moving southward at 10-15 MPH. The good side of the news is presently upper-level winds will inhibit any development over the next two days, development over the next five days is low at only 20%.

For the complete National Hurricane Center discussion of today's conditions click here.

21 Sept 2018 8 AM National Hurricane Center Miami