An odd thing happened over the weekend just passed, social media sparked off various versions of rumors asserting a category 2 or 3 hurricane would strike the mid-Texas coast this coming weekend. One could feel some folks panic, while others calmly asserted non-concern since Harvey last August had essentially taken all they owned already.

National Weather Service - NOAA 11 June 2018 8 PM EDT

But as of this evening, the National Weather Service in Miami has placed a yellow X in the southwestern Carribean Sea. The disturbance, being yellow at this point has less than a 10% chance of forming into something worrisome, and is in essence just an area of disturbed weather. Over the next couple of days, it is expected to move in a westward direction over Central America and the Yucatan Peninsula.

According to NOAA-NWS, the disturbance will largely produce heavy rains across any land mass it contacts, but we'll keep watching it as environmental conditions could become ever so slightly more conducive for some development once it moves into the southwestern Gulf of Mexico by the weekend.