St Jude Children's Research Hospital has been a part of my life. Being a descendant of Syrian Lebanese ancestor, as a child the entire family all loved and watched Danny Thomas on television.

Danny Thomas, a fellow Syrian-Lebanese, was the musical-comedy-television star that originated the St Jude mission and opened its first halls. St Jude is the Patron Saint for desperate and lost causes.

Uncle Phillip once had a chance meeting and short conversation with Danny Thomas in a Houston hotel lobby in the art deco days, afterward and until the end of his life Uncle Phillip, a boisterous story-teller himself thereafter had some kind of mystique about him, an essence of celeb. In the days prior to satellite tv, video games and smartphones, Uncle Phillip could spread the story of that two-minute meeting with Thomas over dinner and well into the desert to the entertainment of the whole gathering laughing until our sides hurt.

My family has contributed to the cause since the earliest days.

St Jude is very special to me in more ways than their pledged effort to increase survival rates of childhood cancers to 90% striving for 100%, and the way they share information with doctors everywhere free of charge.

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February 1st and 2nd our Townsquare Media Group in Lake Charles is sponsoring the Radiothon again. Today and tomorrow we're asking for your $20 a month contribution to keep the mission alive.

St Jude shares its protocol treatments with pediatric centers across the country. Children right here in SWLA benefit from your contributions.

The two numbers to call are: 800-364-9665 or 800-411-9898

Getty Images - Fred White and Danny Thomas (seated) Make Room For Daddy CBS Television c.1959

A few remarks about the Research Center 

-Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food – because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.
-Treatments invented at St. Jude has helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20 percent when the hospital opened in 1962 to more than 80 percent today.
-St. Jude is working to drive the overall survival rate for childhood cancer to 90 percent, and we won't stop until no child dies from cancer.
-St. Jude has increased the survival rates for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) from 4 percent before opening in 1962 to 94 percent today.
-St. Jude is where doctors often send their toughest cases because St. Jude has the world's best survival rates for some of the most aggressive forms of childhood cancers.
-St. Jude creates more clinical trials for cancer than any other children's hospital and turns laboratory discoveries into lifesaving treatments that benefit patients – every day.
-St. Jude freely shares its groundbreaking discoveries, and every child saved at St. Jude means doctors and scientists can use that knowledge to save thousands of more children around the world.
Please help us, thank you and Bless You in advance.