The peaceful sound of rain pitter pattering on the roof, I find now is almost terrifying to me. Since being flooded out of house and home by Hurricane Harvey the mere sight of rainy cloudy skies has taken on a whole new meaning - I'm sure it's temporary post storm stress related and will soon go away like the whole nightmare of a house ripped apart down to its 2x4 skeleton with the soggy remnants of my entire life piled up along my curb.

So here we're confronted with more hurricanes and tropical storms; Jose, Maria and the Depression Lee. Like the toddler whose hand has been slapped away from the cookie jar I'm wary of even looking at the National Hurricane Center website especially when a parade of destruction is lined up

National Hurricane Center Monday September 18th, 2017 2PM EDT

For the moment the closest one Hurricane Maria isn't an imminent threat to us, but I know that the Puerto Rican people are busy with more than rum making right now, like making plans to migrate to upper New York state or anywhere else, far far from a coastline. Even to the far northern provinces of Canada, say the Yukon Territory where the great threat from Mother Nature may be a massive glacier encroaching from the north. That would be catastrophic but at least they'd have more than a few days notice - more like a millennium or two to pack up the irreplaceable photos and leave.

Hurricane Maria Mon 9.18.17 2PM EDT National Hurricane Center

Poor Puerto Rico - barely a week after Irma and they're getting smacked again by Maria. The island territory is like the head pin in the tropical Caribbean bowling alley.