Monday afternoon around 1:30 at Lansdowne Elementary School in Charlotte, N.C., the children were playing outdoors during recess, the last full day of winter was a beautiful one with mild temperatures. Happy children's laughter could be heard across the grounds from the swings, merry-go-round and monkey bars, as the kids ran and played and got the kinks out from sitting in the classroom.

A few of the staff noticed a stray pit bull moving onto the playground, and they quickly rounded up the children and headed for the safety of the building as a precaution. Somehow the dog managed to follow the people inside the school and that's when chaos erupted.

Some of the kids got scared and started running and making noise, which apparently overstimulated the dog who proceeded to bite and scratch a number of the children mostly on the legs and arms before a teacher was able to get the dog confined in an empty classroom.

Seven children suffered relatively minor injuries, an ambulance was not called to the scene. Animal control officers felt like the dog wasn't being aggressive but simply overreacted to the children running.

According to authorities who tracked down the dog's owner from information on the tag, he is a10-month-old silver and white male pit bull named "Bro".

The owner is cooperating with authorities and said the dog escaped hours earlier and they'd been searching for him. Though Bro has been vaccinated and all his medical records are up to date, he will be quarantined for 10 days for observation in accordance with law, as a human was bitten.

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