We live day to day immersed in the industry surrounding us, and routinely take for granted the daily coming and going to work that's part of the rhythm of life until suddenly, from one heartbeat to the next, it isn't. One never knows when one wakes up if he'll be alive to go to bed again safely that night. It's the world we live in.

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This morning, two men were in the process of electrical line maintenance from a helicopter. At around 9:30 AM after their safety harnesses apparently had been rubbing against the power lines, the harness lines snapped, and both fell about 100 feet to their deaths.

The incident occurred in the area of N. Claiborne Street and W. Houston River Road in Sulphur, according to information from the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office.

Both of the men were in their 20s and from California; their names have not yet been released to the public, as authorities try to reach their families in California with the sad news. The deaths appear to have been accidental, and foul play is not suspected.