Conversation from about 15 years ago:

Friend: Hey George, want to go have some Sushi?

George: Sushi?  What's that? Never heard of it...

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Friend: Well, essentially it's raw fish with some veggies...

George:  Uh, no - thank you...

Friend: But it's really good, you'll like it

George: It's bait... you're eating bait!  I'm not eating bait, I'm not a redfish...  Raw fish is for catching other bigger fish....not human consumption!

Well - to be honest a few years ago I did end up trying it, didn't like it although it caught on and has become quite the sought after dinner in some quarters.  But I can honestly say I tried it and didn't like it.  But I don't like crawfish either so there...however at least the crawdads are cooked!

Now comes news that some patients with stomach issues that have recently taken the bait, oops, er...dined on sushi, are presenting at hospitals and doctors offices with live worms in their intestines.

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I'm not trying to gross anyone out, dissuade you from your favorite raw meal or anything like that, if you like it - go for it.  After all the world is full of people that eat crickets, ants, and squirmy crawly matter of all make up.  Just be on guard, the article is here and you've been forewarned.