Five Ways to Keep Fido Calm During Fireworks
We love our pets, and many of us swear they understand what we're saying, thinking and feeling at any given moment. And since they have no concept of time, no matter when we get home our dog is thrilled to see us, consequently, we want to do the best we can for them and take care of their healt…
City of Lake Charles Calls For July 4th Parade Entries
The City of Lake Charles is calling for entries into the July 4, Red White Blue & You Parade. All are welcome to join in on the fun from, businesses down to the neighborhood kids. If your interested in participating, entry forms are now being accepted for floats, marching bands, vehicles, mo…
Watch An Epic Fireworks Fail [VIDEO]
At some point or another we've all chased each other around with roman candle's, bottle rockets, and those infamous Black Cat firecrackers. Ok, maybe my family is a little off in the head, but don't judge our idea of a good time. Watch this epic video of a firework's display goin…
July 4th Fireworks in SWLA
Ain't nothing more American than a big ol' fireworks display on Independence Day.  So just where are we planning to light up the sky for July 4 this year around Southwest Louisiana?  We've got you covered:

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