Prince Dead At 57
Never thought in a million years I'd be saying this...but one of the greatest artists/musicians of all time, Prince, has died. He was only 57-years old
Dog Flu Now A Threat For Louisiana Pets
An outbreak of canine influenza has been detected in Texas. It's only a matter of time before Louisiana dogs could be feeling the effects of the dog flu. Here's what you need to know about how to keep your pet protected.
Stop a Cold in its Tracks with this Get Well Guide.
Being sick is the worst, and this time of year it seems like everyone is constantly battling a cold! As soon as you start to feel that tickle in your throat it's time to take action and stop that cold in its tracks. Everything you need to know on how to feel better fast is in this Get Well Guid…
Tips to Avoid the Flu
Unless you’ve been hiding out under the covers shivering, nursing a fever and clutching your achy bones, you probably know this has been a brutal flu season.
What you may not know is there are measures you can take to avoid the flu -- and most of them are pretty darned simple. So, wha…