Ferdie Pacheco, nicknamed "The Fight Doctor" by Howard Cosell, has passed away in Miami at 89.

Every fighter needs a team: a manager, a trainer and more, including someone that understands how to stop bleeding and slow down swelling in under a minute. Ferdie Pacheco was one of the best, perhaps the greatest of them all since he was the cornerman for The Greatest: Muhammed Ali, from the Cassius Clay days until the end of the boxer's career.

Getty Images - Ferdie Pacheco and Muhammed Ali c.1971

Pacheco and Ali first teamed up in the 1960s when Ali trained under another household name: Angelo Dundee in St. Louis. Pacheco and Dundee were the basis of the Ali team that saw the fighter win and lose the Heavyweight Championship a record three times.

They were also at the boxer's side when he refused to be inducted into the US Army in 1968 during the height of the Vietnam war.

After boxing, Pacheco won two Emmy Awards as a TV boxing analyst. The 89-year-old is survived by his wife and two children, along with four grandchildren.