When composing this article, I wondered how long Henry Ford had been building and selling Model Ts before an after-market car parts industry sprang up. Machines will break down and when they do you'll need parts and possibly a mechanic to make everything go again.

Sex machines are no exception; they break and you'll need parts and repairs.

With the proliferation of inanimate robot sex dolls, it was only a short matter of time before a used parts and even a second-hand (pun intended?) market for the machines sprang up.

What Are They Selling?

It isn't just parts either. One seller on The Doll Forum (be careful if you look for that site while on the job because saucy bare nekkid robot dolls will spring onto your screen), is selling a 5-foot tall elf doll mold for about $200. You can pour and build-out your own doll from scratch.

Other ads tout why they're letting their models go so cheaply: 

Really pretty doll, bought as my first approximately a month-and-a-half ago. I decided I wanted another doll that was lighter skinned with B cups after I had already ordered this one. That is the only reason I'm selling this doll.

Or this piece of catchy ad copy:

Limbs are stiff and pose well. The doll is cleaned and sanitized both in and outside. Black dress/thong and white teddy included. Treat yourself to this smoking hottie before somebody else does.

Well, at least it's been sanitized inside and out, I suppose one could bear the stiff limbs as long as it poses nicely. At my age, my limbs are often stiff and posing is about all I can do as well.

It's All About Realism

According to Brian Sloan, inventor of the world's first oral sex robot with artificial intelligence, sex robots are fast becoming a major sex industry trend. "The driving force is the increase in realism, guys can get exactly what they always wanted, but the problem is the cost. The cost for high-quality dolls are beyond many men's budgets," added Sloan.

Also, forums are springing up that allow men to share them, in response to the high costs. Really?

It seems that the upkeep on a sex doll needs to be regular and sincerely taken care of or they'll break down and/or fly to pieces.

Save yourself some money, just find a human woman and do all you can to keep her in good spirits. From all I can see the maintaining of or lack of routine maintenance for a sex machine spell about the same cold lonely results for the end user.

You can read more about this sensation here, I've got to go take a shower.