After a long day/night of drinking during your Spring Break in Panama City Beach, obviously the first thing you want to hear in the morning is 'The Circle of Life'!

The only thing better than hearing everyone's favorite Lion King jam, "The Circle of Life", first thing in the morning is if someone hands you a mimosa as the song plays. I mean, it's Spring Break! If there's one time in your life when it's totally awesome to hear "The Circle of Life" blasting early in the A.M. it's on Spring Break. Not only does that song put me in the party mood, but it's a great way to get everyone around you up and ready to go too! Every single balcony at the Holiday Inn Resort - Panama City Beach was filled with Spring Breakers as soon as the song started playing. So flipping cool! Why didn't I go there on my college Spring Break?

At least now all ya'll planning for Spring Break next year know exactly where to go! Take pics while you're there so I can live vicariously through you! Thanks! But, until then I will watch this video on repeat first thing every morning and pretend like I am waking up with my best friends at Panama City Beach and getting ready to party my butt off!

-- springbreakpcbeach