As of midday today all 11 gates at Toledo Bend are open to at least 1 foot each releasing about 11,000 cubic feet per second. Source: Sabine River Authority

There are 7.48 gallons of water in a cubic foot and this release presently represents about 82,280 gallons per second. Per Second.

Longhorn Media - Hurricane Harvey, Aug 29, 2017 Orange County Texas

A gallon of fresh water weighs approximately 8.34 lb. The present rate of Toledo release represents 686,215 liquid pounds of water per second coming down the river and streams. That's 343 TONS of water per second.

More rain is on the way Tuesday and Wednesday.

The average weight of an automobile is 2 tons, a 3-bedroom house is a little over 3 tons.

If you're asked to leave your home for a publicly called evacuation and you don't know what to do, calculate your odds of defending against moving water and get on out.